SharpSpring x 42 Agency


SharpSpring, a Constant Contact subsidiary, collaborated with 42 Agency to boost its demand generation efforts, backed by a skilled internal team.


The challenge involved scaling demand generation efficiently, increasing spend while improving the cost-effectiveness of lead generation and qualification.


42 Agency undertook a thorough audit of SharpSpring's marketing initiatives, enhanced creative strategies, improved targeting, and executed effective remarketing and prospecting campaigns. They also employed sophisticated Marketing Mix Models for media mix and spending optimization, and overhauled the brand strategy for paid media.

Creative & Design Revolution

42 Agency revamped SharpSpring's paid media branding, improving art direction and leading to a 10% increase in click-through rates. Continuous creative testing, informed by data and competitor analysis, optimized marketing qualified lead costs.

Demand Insights and Optimization

Strategic adjustments in campaign structure, targeting refinement, and search campaign overhauls were implemented. This included persona targeting enhancements, utilization of dynamic search ads, and the introduction of custom intent in display advertising to increase efficiency.

Advanced Analytical Insights

42 Agency adopted holistic Marketing Mix Models, going beyond first and last touch attribution, to optimize the media mix. Key findings:

  • AdWords emerged as the primary lead driver, indicating an overspend on LinkedIn.
  • Facebook Brand Awareness campaigns showed minimal impact on MQL/SQL generation, leading to budget reallocation.
  • The analysis identified the optimal spend for top-of-funnel campaigns and the point of diminishing returns for digital spend, facilitating more efficient budget allocation.


  • Marketing Spend Increase: Monthly spend rose from $200K to $600K.
  • Cost Reduction: MQL cost was cut from $534 to $265, and SQL cost from $6783 to $2350.
  • Conversion Rate Enhancement: Funnel conversion rates improved from 19% to 29%.


Through strategic audits, marketing innovation, creative revamps, and deep analytical insights, 42 Agency significantly improved SharpSpring's demand generation, highlighting the effectiveness of targeted investment and marketing creativity in exceeding growth objectives.