MPOWR x 42 Agency


MPOWR Envision, an innovative cloud-based strategic planning and execution software provider, sought to amplify its digital presence and generate high-quality leads for its sales team. To achieve this, they turned to 42 Agency, a partner capable of propelling them towards their aggressive growth and pipeline targets.


MPOWR faced several obstacles in its path to digital optimization:

  • High turnover rates with previous agencies had led to inconsistent execution and lack of responsive strategies.
  • The existing paid media campaigns were not optimized, directing traffic to the homepage rather than targeted landing pages.
  • A need to significantly increase the number of opportunities and demos was critical for growth.

Strategic Approach

42 Agency's approach was multi-faceted and data-driven:

  • Paid Campaigns Optimization: They redesigned the campaign structure across Adwords to focus on high-intent keywords that were more likely to convert, using insights from historical data and MPOWR's team.
  • Landing Page Conversion Enhancement: A Pardot Landing Page template was crafted and customized for each persona and campaign, improving conversions by 7%.
  • Integrative Tracking: Integration between Google Ads and Pardot enabled a feedback loop, improving targeting and keyword strategies.
  • LinkedIn Strategy Revamp: Transitioned from GiftCard InMails to awareness ads for various funnel stages, utilizing LinkedIn's demographic data and third-party audience insights for better cost per SQL.


The partnership between MPOWR and 42 Agency led to significant achievements:

  • Reduced cost per MQL by approximately 82.6%, from $1,240 to $216.
  • Decreased cost per opportunity by approximately 62.4%, from $6,890 to $2,597.
  • Achieved a fourfold increase in pipeline value, generating $326,668.
  • Scaled paid media spend profitably, enhancing overall efficiency.

Extended Impact

42 Agency provided MPOWR with a dedicated demand generation strategist, who rebuilt and optimized paid media campaigns. They introduced Bing as a new, effective channel and diversified the marketing mix. As a result, MPOWR experienced a 4X return on opportunity value relative to paid ad spend.

Key Tactical and Strategic Initiatives


  • Developed new Pardot landing pages.
  • Launched performance creative for social and display channels.
  • Utilized a mix of third-party and first-party audiences for targeted campaigns.
  • Ensured seamless campaign attribution within Pardot and Salesforce.


  • Gained in-depth knowledge of the industry and competitive landscape.
  • Built strong relationships with stakeholders, aligning marketing strategies with business objectives.
  • Co-created and tracked experiments, quickly identifying successful tactics to maximize ad spend efficiency.
  • Explored and implemented new channels like Bing and Facebook to diversify and strengthen the marketing mix.

42 Agency's collaboration with MPOWR transcended the traditional client-agency relationship, positioning 42 Agency as a true revenue partner. Through their holistic approach and constant strategic innovations, MPOWR was not only able to meet its immediate objectives but also positioned itself for sustained future growth.

MPOWR's journey with 42 Agency is a testament to the power of a synergistic partnership. The case of MPOWR demonstrates how strategic planning, execution, and continuous optimization can lead to exponential growth and a robust digital presence in the competitive landscape of cloud-based software.

This case study synthesizes the detailed insights and results from both documents you provided, presenting a cohesive narrative that highlights 42 Agency's impact on MPOWR's digital marketing success.