Jobs to Be Done 42 Agency Solved


When... I need to redesign my marketing systems and integrations to streamline processes

Give me... a team of consultants that audit and optimize the tech stack

So I can... Identify and implement quick wins with a deeper understanding of primary metrics

When... I need to build the infrastructure for long-term growth for my team and processes

Give me... advice on tools, team structures and processes I need to set up

So I can... deliver on ambitious post-acquisition goals in a predictable manner


Understand the systems and practices they had implemented for lead generation and simplifying their processes.

• Overcome limited demand generation and lead nurturing processes.

• Overcome inefficient marketing spending on lead generation

• Implemented demand generation and ABM


• Setting targets together with the Cin7 Senior Solution Leadership Team.

• Setting up the right targets and identifying “quickwins” and quickly implementing changes to achieve them.

Helped them choose the right tools, the right staff members and the ability to operate at the right cadence to deliver on their ambitious, post–acquisition goals.


• Consolidated tech stack
• Added full–lifecycle marketing.

• Cost of acquisition reduced by 30%

• CPC spend reduced by $1,800 a week

• Consolidated lead sources from 200 to 6