Charma (acquired) x 42 Agency

[We needed] an expert who has seen what’s working broadly and can understand if we’re in line what expectations are, what sort of creative is working,  etc. That’s better handled by 42, because they see lots of different companies in our sector and not just one, and internally we can focus on other Marketing channels that are bespoke to our brand and customers” - Adam Berke (CEO)

Key Metrics

  • Reduced their cost per activation by 76%
  • Increased activations & signups by by 142%
  • Profitably increased media spend to fuel growth

Context and challenges

Charma, FKA WorkPatterns, is an HR tool that helps managers create and lead aligned, accountable teams. We had the fabulous opportunity to work with this easy-to-use tool to track one-on-ones and performance metrics after their big change in branding and name had made things a little bit challenging.

When we first met with Adam Berke, their CEO, we realized we needed to get to work, FAST. The branding and name change was unfortunately, hurting the performance of a great product.

Adam and his team needed an agency that could understand and fix what was going on with their declining Sign-Up numbers. We took over performance marketing execution while auditing and fixing all their Sales and Marketing systems, so that we could have unified, trusted reporting.

Problems we solved

We stepped in as their growth partner and helped them accomplish their business objectives by solving these challenges:

  1. Re-Establish a baseline: After their rebranding, Charma needed to re stablish their baseline for signups & activations from before the rebrand and needed an additional level of expertise to stabilize the situation.

  1. Increasing Sign-Ups (leads) with the same amount of ad spend: They had been stuck on their growth for months. 
  1. We rebuilt their conversion tracking from ad platforms to product events using Segment & Conversions API from Facebook  & Google. 
  2. Improving the audience targeting & keywords to remove keywords that don't convert or bring relevant signups. 
  3. Iterating on copy using different hooks, highlighting features (since this is a relatively mature category) & using different hooks in Ad Headlines
  4. Iterating on Creatives & formats - we structured a testing backlog to see if Carousels vs Static vs Video performed better. Which copy coupled with different creatives performed better & how different creative angles performed. 
  5. We build landing pages in Webflow to try long form vs short form & different persona-based landing pages to optimize for conversions.
  6. Facebook Bid Strategies: Cost Cap & Bid Caps on Facebook 
  7. Google Bid Strategies: using eCPC, Maximize Conversions & Target Cost on Google Ads.

We're proud to have contributed to their success by fully immersing ourselves as strategic growth partners. The Predictive Index bought Charma at the end of 2023.

Key results from Paid Social

Facebook, aka Meta, was the primary driver of performance on the Paid Social side. When we took over the accounts, Charma struggled to get Facebook up & running the re-brand. We hypothesized that during the re-brand & domain migration, some of the Meta Ads technical setup was broken. We dug into the Conversions API setup, Segment Integration, Server Side Events & Browser Events. We eventually rebuilt the tracking with Meta via Segment & Conversions API to get better data resolution, especially with privacy & cookie blockers - browser side events were ineffective.

On Meta, the key activities that helped us:
Implementing CAPI 

  • 1st Party Product Data + CRM data
  • Lookalike Modeling on their best-fit customers
  • 3rd Party Data from LiveRamp / Primer & other vendors based on demographic & technographic fit.
  • CRO optimized Landing Pages
  • Balancing Cost Cap bidding with some Target CPA bidding & volume

Key Results on Meta:
Reduced CPA by 68% 

Increased Activations & Signups by 40%
While profitability increases spending to fuel growth.

Paid Search

Before engaging with 42 - Charma had limited success with Paid Search as a channel for driving signups & acquisition. 42 took a first principles approach to rebooting Paid Search:
1) Integrated Segment with Google Ads to send key product events to the ad platform as primary & secondary conversion events. 

2) Keyword & Topic deep dive on relevant high-volume keywords that could show commercial intent. 

3) Built Webflow landing pages that were direct response focused. 

4) Optimized Campaign Structured with Device Bidding & Dayparting to reduce wasted spend. 

5) Testing eCPC, Target CPA, Max CPA & Max Impressions bidding

6) Highly engaging Ad Copy relevant to Charma & search intent resulting in higher CTR & relevance scores.

Key Results: 

  • 7.7% CTR
  • Reduced CPC by 29% 
  • Increased Activations by 56% 
  • Reduced CPA by 48%

Charma was acquired by Predictive Index in the winter of 2023.